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Why Self-Esteem is important | CBT Kenya
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Why Self-Esteem is important | CBT Kenya

Self-esteem is the way we think about ourselves and the value we place on ourselves. We all criticize ourselves from time to time, but if you often think badly about yourself, you may have low self-esteem. Self-esteem is one of those intrinsic qualities that develop slowly over time. If you suffer from low self-esteem, everyone will notice it when you walk into a room. Those with low self-esteem might lack certain social skills, lack assertiveness, or even walk into a room with their shoulders slumped. Body language is a telltale sign as to how much self-esteem you genuinely have.

Ways to boost your Self-esteem

  • If you want to feel good, sometimes it helps to look good. Get dolled up with your favorite outfit, or rock a feel-good ensemble to the gym. You can try a new hair or makeup routine, or even add a new mala or bracelet to your outfit. Choose something that looks and feels great on you.
  • Another way to feel great is to feel grateful, and journaling is a fantastic way to record your gratefulness. Being reminded of all the things in your life that you are fortunate for can remind you how loved and wonderful you are. You can buy a gratitude journal, or just write down three things every morning that you are grateful for!
  • When you see the good in others, you also see the good in yourself. So, look for a place to donate, volunteer locally, or simply care for your own friends, family, or pets in a kind way. Being kind to others definitely boosts your self esteem!
  • Another way to boost your self esteem is to get your blood flowing! This body of yours is carrying you through the experience of life. Take care of it and safely explore its limits. However you choose to move, become connected to the strength and power within you.

Benefits of having a High Self-esteem

Everyone wants to be happy, successful in life, and achieve their dreams. But what determines our achievements? Self-confidence is crucial for progress in every aspect of our lives, yet many people struggle to develop this quality. Among the factors that affect the development of your self esteem, your thoughts and perception are the only thing that you can control. Refrain from negativity and always think about the positive. 

  • You realize that you don’t need to be perfect so you feel less stressed. You are not afraid to make bad decisions because you understand that anyone can make mistakes and it’s OK.
  • Your life is more exciting. You live your life to the fullest, try to use every opportunity and take risks because you feel confident that you can succeed in everything and achieve your goals.
  • You can accept the challenges because you are confident in your strengths and know you can master everything.
  • You enjoy better relationships with friends and partners and attract successful and confident people in your life who like you more for your positive energy.
  • You feel more motivated to achieve your goals because high self-esteem makes you trusted by other people and enhances your confidence in your ability to succeed. As a result, you are more motivated to take actions.


Confident people have the power to conquer the world, they are admired by everyone and inspire other people to follow their examples. They face challenges of life, take risks and seize opportunities, never give up, and succeed in everything they do. Even if they fail, they see themselves and their lives in a positive way so they respect themselves and, as a result, they are respected by others.

Word from CBT Kenya

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