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Lambert Oigara

Senior Psychologist
Summary of professional experience

Lambert Onderi Oigara is a Psychologist with 14 years’ experience in the field of mental health. He has worked in a clinical set-up with children, adolescent and adults. Lambert believes in the power of the mind and its major influence on our thoughts, feelings,
behaviors and attitude.

He uses CBT techniques to help clients identify core belief that influence their lives negatively. Clients who overtime develop self-defeating thought patterns get overwhelmed with the never ending cycle of negativity as a result this has an everlasting impact on their holistic well-being.

Before commencing treatment, Lambert always establishes a therapeutic alliance with the
patient/client subsequently; the maladaptive thinking patterns are identified, challenged and changed to balanced and healthy adaptive coping strategies.

He is a pioneer of the Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) support groups at Chiromo Lane Medical Centre (CLMC). This group has helped educate hundreds of youth and families about Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) symptoms, how they manifest, and how to manage them by using means of focusing on strengths and not weaknesses of ADHD.

Additionally, the group helps people who present with Anxiety, Depression and Substance Use Disorders. He is an executive member of International Society of Substance use professionals (ISSUP Kenya) and a member of Kenya Counselors and Psychologist Association (KCPA).


Naomi Mruttu

Senior Psychologist
Summary of professional experience

Naomi Mruttu is a Professional Counselling Psychologist based in Nairobi. She graduated in 2004 with a Master’s Degree and since then she has worked with individuals from all walks of life.

Naomi is passionate about helping people to cope with mental health challenges, emotional problems as well as the stresses and crises of life. To do this, she uses a range of psychological concepts and therapeutic techniques. A widely experienced practitioner, she is known for her deep insight, empathy and compassion in assisting clients.

Naomi derives deep satisfaction from seeing her clients make real progress in taking control of their lives, successfully surmounting their obstacles, and learning to truly enjoy a meaningful and happy existence.

She is pleased to have worked with individuals and couples facing relationship challenges, eating disorders, addictions, low self-esteem, ADHD, depression and anxiety. To find out how Naomi can help you live the purposeful life you were meant to enjoy, call our offices to book a preliminary appointment.


James Letoo

Senior Psychologist
Summary of professional experience

Letoo is a psychologist with close to 15 years’ experience. He is a registered member of Kenya Counselling and Psychologists Association (KCPA). With experience in both public and private sector, he has worked with diverse people with a range of needs and difficulties including depression, ADHD, substance abuse, anxiety and trauma. He provides therapy in individual, family and group settings. He also works with corporates in providing employee assistance program (EAP).

James is a dedicated and compassionate therapist who values the uniqueness of each person. He believes in providing an empowering environment that enables safe exploration of issues in ways that foster independence and resilience. He uses evidence informed therapeutic approaches in his work. He uses mainly cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach in helping his clients.

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Udi Gakundi

Senior Psychologist
Summary of professional experience

Udi utilizes client-centered and evidence-based approaches, tailoring his therapeutic methods to meet the unique needs of each individual. Grounded in empathy and counseling, he fosters a collaborative relationship with clients, empowering them to navigate life's challenges and enhance their mental resilience.

He endeavors to create a non-judgmental space where clients can objectively explore their thoughts, emotions, and behavior. He views therapy as a partnership, working alongside individuals to foster personal growth, build coping skills, and achieve lasting change.

Udi’s background is in counselling and clinical psychology, he also has supplementary training in management, leadership, and governance.


Margaret Njau

Senior Psychologist
Summary of professional experience

Margaret is a seasoned Counselling Psychologist with eight years of experience working with people with diverse needs of Substance use, Mood Disorders, anxiety and ADHD. She has strength in Behavioral monitoring, Psychological Assessment, Rehabilitation Techniques, Diagnostic Testing and delivering appropriate therapies.

She has a proven track record of effective results and positive outcomes with clients. She is compassionate, understanding, and friendly when working with clients.

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Nyambura Gathumbi

Senior Psychologist
Summary of professional experience

Nyambura is a professional marriage and family therapist. She has a bachelor's in Counselling Psychology from The University of Nairobi and a Master's in trauma-focused marital and family therapy from USIU (graduated in October 2023).

Since 2017, she enjoys assisting mental health patients through a systemic approach aimed at improving quality of life of every patient. Nyambura counsels using several psychological systems theories. She is kind, compassionate, and understanding.

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Salma Kwamboka

Medical Psychotherapist
Summary of professional experience

Salma is an experienced registered psychologist/nurse with over 13 years of experience in healthcare. She specializes in counseling for children and adolescents, as well as child protection and mental health support. She has adapted to recent trends in mental health and gained extensive clinical experience, working across various healthcare services.

Her expertise includes individual, family and community care. Salma prioritizes client well-being within ethical boundaries, aiming for operational excellence.

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Alex Okechi

Senior Psychologist
Summary of professional experience

Alex is a psychologist who has gained substantial experience during his professional practice. He is enthusiastic and uses diverse evidence-based interventions to manage and understand human behaviour.

He has a background in providing psychological support in hospitals, treatment centres, mental health facilities and general workplaces. This has exponentially increased his exposure to diverse issues related to mental health.

Schizophrenia and related disorders are his areas of prowess. He likes to help clients develop healthy routines, positive emotions and relationships, purpose in life and personal growth, thus, optimal psychological well-being.

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