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National Eating Disorder Awareness Week - CBT Kenya
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National Eating Disorder Awareness Week – CBT Kenya

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week is an annual campaign that takes place during the last week of February. Its aim is to raise awareness about eating disorders, promote education and understanding, and encourage people to seek help and support. Eating disorders can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, or background, and they can have serious physical and mental health consequences if left untreated.

During National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, organizations, advocates, and individuals come together to share their stories, promote awareness, and provide resources and support to those affected by eating disorders. This week is an opportunity to break the stigma surrounding eating disorders and promote compassion and understanding towards those who are struggling.

The theme of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week changes every year, but its overarching goal remains the same – to promote awareness and understanding of eating disorders and encourage individuals to seek help and support.

How to observe national eating disorders awareness week

  1. Volunteer to operate a helpline

    You can volunteer to operate a helpline. People need someone to help them with their struggles, and you can help them by speaking to them honestly and with encouragement. This is very important as some eating disorders may also be associated with suicidal behavior, including self-harm.

  2. Educate yourself

    If you want to be an ally, you need to educate yourself about eating disorders: types, habits of people who struggle with them, and so on. Be open-minded and listen to the stories of people who have gone through them. More importantly, be kind and try not to be judgmental as you learn.

  3. Share your experiences

    If you have had any experience with eating disorders, you can share so others can learn more. Alternatively, you could invite someone who has had experience with an eating disorder to talk about it.

Interesting facts about eating disorders

  1. Mental disorder

    Eating disorders are the second leading cause of death from mental illness in the United States, after opioid use disorder.

  2. Types of eating disorders

    Eating disorders can be divided into six distinct categories, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder.

  3. No distinct look

    People with eating disorders don’t always look emaciated — some people look healthy and still struggle with eating.

  4. Don’t blame families

    Families are not to blame when a family member develops an eating disorder.

  5. Recovery

    It’s very possible to recover from an eating disorder.

Word from CBT Kenya

To stay healthy, we need to find help when we start to feel unwell. The same is true for mental health. Mental health problems are easier to care for when they are caught quickly. If you are feeling unwell and nothing seems to help, it is important to talk to your doctor or counsellor.

Getting professional help does not mean you are weak or broken. It’s choosing to get better and take care of yourself. CBT-Kenya (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-Kenya) counseling center offers counseling and therapy sessions for persons from all walks of life. We focus on helping clients gain insight into themselves by going through a healing process. Our purpose is to help you to achieve your therapeutic and life goals, to improve the quality of your life and to help you to build strong relationships in your life. Get in touch or book an appointment on +254 739 935 333, +254 756 454 585 or info@cbtkenya.org.



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