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Things You Need To Know Suicide - CBT Kenya
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Things You Need To Know About Suicide – CBT Kenya

Three people will have died from suicide in the two minutes it takes you to read this article. While you might not consider yourself at risk; unexpected events can lead to hopelessness and despair. Diagnosis of a terminal illness, the sudden death of a loved one, mental illness, relationship problems and financial challenges can lead to depression; one of the causative factors of suicide. Life’s challenges affect all of us.

Here are eight facts you need to know about suicide.

  •  1. How many people are affected?: According to the WHO someone loses their life to suicide every 40 seconds globally. That is 2,160 people in a day, 64,800 in a month and 776,000 in a year.
    2. Who is at risk? Suicide does not discriminate on gender, age, economic status, education level, religion or race. It affects individuals from across all strata of society.
    3. What is copycat behavior? Suicide triggered by the death of a celebrity, role model, friend or family member. Vulnerable populations such as teenagers and those suffering from a mental illness are more likely to commit suicide after a role model dies from suicide.
    4. Is it okay to talk about suicide to an individual who displays suicidal tendencies? Yes, it is. While it appears counter-intuitive discussing suicide with a depressed individual; talking creates an atmosphere of acceptance and trust. Depressed individuals suffer from a sense of worthlessness; feeling that they are a bother to family.
    5. Does a challenging economy increase suicide rates? No. Suicide rates do not differ during recessions or booms. During booms, less successful individuals will feel left behind if everyone around them appears to be doing better. This is due to the effect of comparison. While more money may appear to increase happiness a comparison with one’s peers leaves many feeling that they still need more.
    6. Can suicide be prevented? Yes, it can be. Individuals who are contemplating suicide often exhibit warning signs. These include a sudden interest in death- researching, talking about it, cleaning up their personal lives- eg closing social media accounts, writing plans for their family, giving away treasured items and a sudden change in mood.
    7. What treatment can an individual receive? Psychotherapy, medication or a combination of the two are the main methods of treatment.  Psychotherapy mainly involves talk therapy.
    8. Can an individual who has tried to commit suicide to be productive? Yes; individuals who have attempted suicide previously can and do go on to lead productive lives.


Mental illness is not a weakness. If you experience persistent low moods, a sense of hopelessness and anxiety consider seeking medical assistance. Trying to shake off the feelings, putting on a happy attitude or beating yourself up does you more harm than good. Early treatment will reduce the impact of the disease on yourself and your loved ones. With treatment, you can reduce disruption to work, school and your personal life. Suicide is preventable.


At CBT Kenya we have trained professionals that can help you deal with mental illness. We do not discriminate on gender, race, economic status or sexual orientation. We are located at Kim’s Court along Theta Lane, Lenana Road Kilimani. Give us a call on 0739 935 333/ 0756 454 585 or visit our website for more details.

Author: cbtkeadmin
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