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How Individual Counselling works - CBT Kenya
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How Individual Counselling works – CBT Kenya

Individual counseling is a personal opportunity to receive support and experience growth during challenging times in life. In individual therapy sessions, the client and therapist have the opportunity to work closely together. They build a trusting relationship and address any issues arising. The various individual therapy techniques offer different modalities to help individuals address difficulties, gain insight, and build new coping mechanisms. Together with a therapist, you can uncover the difficulties you are facing and cultivate new perspectives and actions.

Individual Counselling benefits

There are many different reasons that you might want to start seeing a therapist. Maybe it’s been awhile since you felt like yourself. Probably you feel numb, or bone crushingly sad. Maybe you feel like a light switch that’s just on and no matter what you do, you can’t turn that switch to off. Perhaps your heart races, your thoughts race, you have trouble sleeping, and trouble eating. If you feel a general need for some extra support, then it’s probably time to look into finding a therapist.

  • Sometimes, due to various reasons, there are areas of life that feel harder to handle than others. A therapist can help give you tools to deal with those situations that feel overwhelming or just plain bad.
  • When you feel bad day in and day out, relationships suffer. You might feel like you don’t want to bring other people down, so you stay away from, or don’t talk to, loved ones. When you start working with a therapist, he or she can help you feel better and improve your relationships with others.
  • Probably the best benefit about starting individual therapy is the feeling of taking back control over your life. Once you start working with a therapist, you take back control of yourself and where you’re going, and it feels like you can do anything.
  • Therapy may help individuals suffering from anxiety and depression return to a level of functioning similar to a person not afflicted with a mood disorder.
  • High level of confidentiality. Individuals can be assured that their confidentiality will be best protected when they only participate in individual therapy sessions.
  • Easier scheduling. Clients can schedule therapy sessions around their schedule, so there are fewer issues with fitting therapy into the rest of one’s life.

What happens during single and subsequent sessions?

For subsequent or follow-up sessions, you will meet with your counselor for at least one hour. Early on, you will work with your clinician to set goals for your counseling sessions. Establishing clear goals will provide direction as well as help you to monitor your progress in counseling. The exact direction of your counseling experience will depend on the issues you bring into counseling, your clinician’s perspective, and the goals you set for your work together.

Short-term individual counseling is the treatment recommendation that best meets your needs. If you have particular counselor preferences, this might increase the time you have to wait for your first appointment. It is essential that you arrive promptly in order to allow sufficient time to complete the necessary forms. The forms include a demographic and clinical history form, treatment agreement, consent to treatment, and a notice of privacy practices. Your clinician will obtain information about your current concerns, relevant history and goals.

Need help now?

Good therapy is client-driven, and specific goals for therapy will be determined by you and your therapist. Because the therapist and client work together in individual sessions, the pace can be adjusted for the client. The client need not worry about moving too fast or too slow. Therapists give you something you don’t get from your family, your friends or even yourself. CBT-Kenya (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-Kenya) counseling center offers counseling and therapy sessions for persons from all walks of life. We focus on helping clients gain insight into themselves by going through a healing process.

Do You Need To Talk?In line with the social distancing requirements, we have launched E-Therapy Services. We are available on Skype and Whats App. Book your appointment by phone :+254 756 454 585


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