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What To Expect At Your Therapy Appointment
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Here’s What To Expect At Your Therapy Session At CBT-Kenya

Maybe you are having marital problems, or trouble sleeping at night. Maybe you are unhappy at your job, or you have been laid off and need some guidance in figuring out how to navigate this new phase of your life.

Or, it could be that you’re struggling with depression or anxiety.

If any of the above situations applies to your life, therapy could be helpful. 

1. You Will Start by Booking an Appointment

To enhance efficiency and delivery of service, we require you to book an appointment before your session. You can do this by telephone, email or direct message us on our social media platforms.

Our receptionist will give you a call to confirm your appointment 24 hours before your session. Do let us know if you are experiencing any challenges that are hindering you from attending your session.

2. You can come for the session alone, with your spouse or family.

In a one-on-one session the counselor works the client in a safe and confidential environment.  

Due to the fact that we as individuals are affected by family dynamics,you can attend counselling with your family.

We feel that family counselling, especially in Africa, is only an extension of our existing collectivism. We always come together to help each other and find solutions to existing problems. When done in a professional setting, therapy allows families to improve their communication, understand each other and set on a path to resolve issues healthily.

We also provide couple counselling.

3. There Is Paperwork To Fill In

We recommend that you come for your first session fifteen minutes earlier to complete our paperwork.

This will enable our psychologists to create an individualized treatment plan based on your needs and abilities.

4. You will set goals for what you expect from the therapy sessions

Our therapists will ask you what goals you have for therapy and why you are here. Together, you might start to set a path to reach those goals (or maybe adjust the goals if they aren’t realistic or worthy).

5. Your therapist may or may not take notes.

Your therapist might take notes before, during or after your session. If taking notes during the session makes you feel uncomfortable, please discuss it with your therapist.

6. You Might Feel Emotional During Your First Session

Your first session can feel overwhelming, so don’t be shocked if you cry. Facing up to emotions can stir up intense reactions. 

7. Or You Might Close Up

It is okay to be quiet during the session. Your therapist will work with you to help you navigate this and to open up. 

8.There is No Guarantee of Instant Results.

It is important to know that therapy might get worse before it gets better. You have to drill a hole in the ground to get to the water, and those first meters are the hardest to drill.

It is a fact of talk therapy. 

You are building something better than you could have ever dreamed, but before you do that, the dirty work has to happen.

As you progress with your therapy, there will be fewer tears, less questioning, and more confidence.

Just hold on.

9.Your Session Will Last Up To 60 Minutes

The session is structured to last one hour. You might reach a breakthrough in the last ten minutes but this does not mean your session was in vain. Think of your session as class time with an assignment after.

10.You Will Get Homework.

Be prepared for a lot of work outside of the office. A lot of the therapy work is typically done on your own. You will need to dedicate time to complete the assignments, but it is time well spent.

11. Therapists Do Not Counsel Friends and Family

It is unethical for a therapist to provide therapy to a friend or family member. Our therapists will not see you if they know you from other circles.Instead, they will refer you to a fellow therapist within our organisation.

12. You Can Choose Your Therapist

As a client, you have a right to seek services from a male or female therapist.

13. You Can Ask Questions

The therapist-client relationship is exactly that — a relationship. You are allowed to ask a lot of questions about what’s about to happen.

14. You Can Cancel At Anytime

You have the right to refuse treatment or withdraw from services at any time without affecting re-entry at a later time.

15. You Have The Right To Treatment

We do not discriminate on any basis. You have the right to receive services regardless of race, sex, national origin, creed, physical or mental handicap or personal ability to pay.

16. You Can Have Your Session On Skype or Video Call

We understand that you might not always be available for a one on one therapy session. To this end, you can continue your sessions remotely via video call.

17. Our Office Hours

Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm and Saturday: 8 am- 1 pm.

We do not work on Sundays and Public Holidays.

What Not To Expect At Your Session

1. There is No Couch To Lie On

A myth that is perpetuated by popular media is that of a client lying on a couch while the therapist takes notes. This idea is based on early psychology practices but does not happen anymore.

At CBT Kenya, you will have your session seated on an armchair, facing your therapist.

2. Expect Empathy Not Sympathy Or Advise

Your therapist will not tell you what you should do. Your therapist is there to be a consultant, not a friend; they will guide you on how to handle situations but they will not tell you how to handle your life.

3. Don’t Expect This to Become A Friendship

While your therapist might be friendly, this is not an invitation to form a friendship with them. It is unethical for clients and therapists to form relationships out of the therapy room.

4. Don’t Expect Them To Follow You On Your Social Media Handles

The client-therapist relationship is bound by laws and regulations and cannot exist beyond our offices.


At CBT Kenya, we provide psychotherapy using the CBT  model.  Give us a call on 0739 935 333/0756 454 585 or visit our website for more details on what we do. We are located at Kim’s Court, Theta Lane, Off Lenana road.


Author: cbtkeadmin
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