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What is a Substance-Induced Mood Disorder? CBT Kenya
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What is a Substance-Induced Mood Disorder? CBT Kenya

A substance-induced mood disorder is not a condition that develops on its own. Instead, an individual must be abusing drugs or alcohol to develop this particular condition. This makes substance-induced mood disorders different from that of other co-occurring conditions, as it is not a disorder that can exist without the abuse of mind-altering substances.

With substance-induced mood disorders, however, the after-effects are much worse. They don’t go away after a few hours or days. The feelings of sadness and hopelessness, the lack of interest in activities, the loss of enjoyment, and fatigue increase and start interfering with the ability to function. It can be confusing. When you first started drinking or taking medicines, you felt better. You were happier, felt less pain, and enjoyed participating in different activities. Over time, the same substance that once made you feel good is now creating a mood disorder.

Symptoms of substance induced depression include:

  • Fatigue: Not wanting to do much of anything, constantly feeling tired and weak.
  • Increased Sleeping: Only wanting to sleep, physical activities that a person once enjoyed seem meaningless now.
  • Thoughts of Suicide: A person with substance induced depression may feel as though ending their life would be beneficial, they may start to think of ways they can commit suicide.
  • Feelings of Hopelessness: A person may feel like their life has no meaning or purpose; this is usually the precursor to suicidal thoughts.
  • Disengagement: A person suffering from substance induced depression may pull away from friends and family by ignoring them or avoiding them all together.
  • Sadness and Irritation: A person with substance induced depression will constantly feel sad and possible irritation every day, making it difficult for them to engage in social activities.
  • Missing Work: A person suffering from substance induced depression may begin to miss work frequently or miss school frequently. This is mostly due to the feelings of sadness and hopelessness that they constantly feel; areas of importance become trivial to people suffering from substance induced depression.

Types of drugs and medications that cause Mood Changes

Many different drugs or medications can alter mood in some way, and these are the most common categories:

  • Prescription Medications Opioid painkillers, blood pressure meds, anti-anxiety and antidepressant prescriptions, as well as steroids, antibiotics, and others, can have a huge impact on mood and many are created to do just that.
  • Over the Counter Medications Over the counter medications like decongestants can bring on symptoms for some people. These are all legally purchased and will usually only have a mild impact, if at all, depending on each person.
  • Alcohol Alcohol is legal, but it is a mood-altering substance used socially and recreationally that can cause depression for many people.
  • Illegal or Recreational Substances Illegal substances such as cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, hallucinogens like MDMA and LSD, and most illegal narcotics frequently cause mood disorders, especially when used to excess.

Help is available

Substance-induced mood disorders must be treated by trained, licensed mental health and addiction professionals because both the addiction and the mental illness must be treated simultaneously.

Addiction is one of the most rampant behavioral and mental health issues in Kenya today. Our therapists at CBT-Kenya provide out-patient addiction counselling and treatment. We help our clients to overcome various addictions including drug, alcohol, sex, and gambling addiction. All counseling and therapy sessions at CBT Kenya begin with the client and psychologist establishing a professional relationship. The therapist then guides the client towards gaining insight into themselves and thus understanding the cause of their problems and going through a healing process.

Take the first step

You can get help starting today or even get help online with a virtual appointment. You will be given an opportunity to meet with a psychiatrist or psychologist who can offer an extensive evaluation. Then together, you will create a treatment plan that works. You can overcome a substance-induced mood disorder. Before long, you will see significant improvements and can start living a healthy lifestyle. You can set positive goals and have success in reaching them. You deserve a fresh start. We are here to help.

Getting professional help does not mean you are weak or broken. It’s choosing to get better and take care of yourself. CBT-Kenya (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-Kenya) counseling center offers counseling and therapy sessions for persons from all walks of life. We focus on helping clients gain insight into themselves by going through a healing process. Our purpose is to help you to achieve your therapeutic and life goals, to improve the quality of your life and to help you to build strong relationships in your life. Get in touch or book an appointment on +254 739 935 333, +254 756 454 585 or info@cbtkenya.org.


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