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Stay motivated during this Covid -19 period | CBT Kenya
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Stay motivated during this Covid -19 period | CBT Kenya

We all have goals that we’d like to achieve at the end of this quarantine period. Goals are easier to achieve when they are broken down into daily activities. One of the easiest ways to maintain momentum is through daily accountability. It’s something you can do in less than two minutes per day. Start by finding someone with the same level of focus or ambition to be your accountability partner. They don’t have to be a close friend. They only need to hold you accountable. The core purpose of accountability and reporting your progress is awareness. You can’t improve what you are not actively aware of. As your awareness improve, you improve.

Why you need to be self-motivated

  • In order to be happy in life, you need to fulfill your dreams. In order to fulfill your dreams, you must recognize them. Self-motivation gives you the much-needed vision in life for a better clarity.
  • When we are motivated, our self-confidence is sky high, and we feel extremely confident in accepting the challenges of daily life. It becomes easier for us to reach our professional goals as we can stretch ourselves beyond our abilities.
  • If you just want to achieve your goals without considering the needs of others, you will end up with temporary motivational solutions. This temporary change in motivation can cause high turnovers, bad work attitudes, and a poor working environment.
  • It is important that you do not allow indecisiveness to overcome your success. Self-motivation plays a pivotal role in that regard as it helps you overcome petty indecisiveness and gives you the power to make important decisions wisely and at the right time.
  • There are so many negative stimuli that try to bring you down, discourage you and kill your spirit. Being motivated from within will help you rise above all such negative influences in life.
  • Self-motivation plays a huge role in imparting self-discipline into you. When you are able to control what you think and how you perceive, you are greatly able to control your actions as well. This, in general, helps to bring out the better in you if not the best.
  • There are many times when life throws multiple challenges upon you. It is difficult to take on these challenges most particularly when you are not mentally prepared. Self-motivation pushes you from within to stay encouraged and be brave enough to take up all such challenges.

Bottom line

As it is repeatedly said about self-motivation, it makes you a positive, open-minded and much happier person in general. You learn to see the good in everything and only embrace the good from the bad. There is nothing that can bring you down any longer because you don’t allow the dark elements to affect you the same way.

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