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Mental Health Awareness Month - CBT Kenya
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Mental Health Awareness Month – CBT Kenya

A mental illness is a physical illness of the brain that causes disturbances in thinking, behavior, energy or emotion that make it difficult to cope with the ordinary demands of life. It affects 19% of the adult population, 46% of teenagers and 13% of children each year. People struggling with their mental health may be in your family, live next door, teach your children or work in the next cubicle. However, only half of those affected receive treatment, often because of the stigma attached to mental health. Untreated, mental illness can contribute to higher medical expenses, poorer performance at school/work and increased risk of suicide.

The Importance of Speaking Out About Mental Health

Mental illness is a major global health issue. Raising awareness and increasing the understanding of mental health can change the way society views and responds to this complex issue.

  • The stigma combined with the lack of open discussion on mental health undoubtedly heighten the severity of the problem for many people. Isolation and loneliness are known to be contributory factors too.
  • Stigma affects not only the number seeking treatment, but also the number of resources available for proper treatment. Stigma and misinformation can feel like overwhelming obstacles for someone who is struggling with a mental health condition.
  • Mental health awareness drives have helped to kick start a more open and frank discussion. Many individuals now bravely stepping up and talking about their mental health struggles.
  • Educating the general public is important. It makes people aware of these mental health conditions and, in turn, hopefully reduces stigma. It may also help someone recognize the warning signs of a mental illness they, or a loved one, have been experiencing; thus leading them to seek a professional diagnosis and treatment.

What You Can Do to Help

  • Showing individuals respect and acceptance removes a significant barrier to successfully coping with their illness. Having people see you as an individual and not as your illness can make the biggest difference for someone who is struggling with their mental health.
  • Advocating within our circles of influence helps ensure these individuals have the same rights and opportunities as other members of your church, school and community.
  • Learning more about mental health allows us to provide helpful support to those affected in our families and communities. “For every wound, there is a scar. And every scar tells a story. A story that says: I survived.”
  • Mental health isn’t the opposite of mental illness. You don’t have to wait for the symptoms and effects of a mental illness or personality disorder to disappear before you can build mental health. Determine what mental health is for you, and begin to take steps toward.
  • Mental health is an ongoing process. Approach it as a journey rather than a destination.
  • Mental health is loving yourself for all that you are rather than hating yourself for all that you think you aren’t.

Word from CBT Kenya

The invisible line between the mind and body is imaginary. Our thoughts reside in the brain, and the brain lives in the body. It’s affected by what we eat, how we spend our time, and our overall health. May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s 31 days dedicated to improving our well being and quality of life. With heightened awareness, you can take purposeful steps to achieve it and love your life even with its ups and downs. Organizations across the nation will be drawing attention to the various and often-surprising ways mental illness affects people’s lives.

At CBT Kenya, we have friendly yet professional psychologists who are ready to have a talk with you. We encourage you to find out more about our services. We welcome any questions. Any questions related to psychotherapy, counselling, and psychology services are welcomed. Our purpose is to help you to achieve your therapeutic and life goals, to improve the quality of your life and to help you to build strong relationships in your life. Get in touch or book an appointment on +254 739 935 333, +254 756 454 585 or info@cbtkenya.org



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