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Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - CBT Kenya
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Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – CBT Kenya

Employees are the most valuable resources in any organization. A healthy and highly productive employee is even more valuable an asset and often considered a strategic advantage to the employer. Employers today provide various benefits to ensure safety, comfort, well-being and motivation of their workforce. Employee benefits continue to expand and change just as life and Human Resource policies at the workplace evolves.

Employees psychological well-being is the most overlooked and not prioritized as much as physical health. The burden of mental health is just as great if not greater than physical health. Billions of shillings are lost because many hours are lost due to work related and/or family stress and other psychological problems from elsewhere. The source of these difficulties maybe within the workplace stresses or without. The good news is that employers can guarantee psycho-social well-being and emotional support for staff who struggle and in need of counselling services through EAP. EAP is a workplace service generally designed to help staff identify, understand, connect and resolve their challenges.

Counselling services are confidential and benefit employees as well as their families. Work-site education and training on diverse issues identified is also provided to empower staff will valuable knowledge. CBT-Kenya provides a comprehensive EAP package to individual staff, their dependents and group of staff with specific common needs. Staff also receive training and awareness on mental health and coping skills. We have a dedicated and experienced team of professionals to ensure state of the art tailor made services. Customization means an employee gets more out of the programs, and employers get more from their workforce to achieve their organizational goals, better engagement and productivity

Employee Assistance Program is very crucial to CBT-Kenya and we are committed to delivering state of the art services. CBT-Kenya lead consultants will be working closely with your Human Resource Officers and other relevant lead person for effective and efficient service delivery

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